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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Tanja shines in Europe but she cannot qualify by the final

The festival of Eurovision is like that... Today Tanja and Argo have done an exceptional choreography in the first semi-final of the festival of Eurovision with wonderful lifts and flyings that have left without words many people... and nevertheless it could not have classified Tanja by the final. 

Estonian team from Tanja official page on Facebook
Beginning choreography both stretched on the stage still creates more excitement in the story and dancing... she danced with her habitual fluency... as if she was doing it among friends... nobody would suspect that as minimum 100 millions of persons watching TV show in this moment.

I've only seen a single flaw: I have not seen at any time that the camera focus on the three backing vocals: Marvi Vallaste, Marilin Kongo and Kaire Vilgats.

Photo by Sander Hesterman (EBU)

How can it be this? Yesterday I looked at OGAE's results 2014 (OGAE is the world biggest fan organisation for the ESC) and had the impression that today would not be OK... Of 40 countries where the fans issued your vote only 4 voted for Estonia... it seems to be impossible but it is like that... Normally the one who gains this fans' voting gains the contest... if this is like that this year would gain Sanna Nielsen from Sweden (I have to say that "Undo" it is a striking and deep song).

I could never have understood since it can be known for what I will vote... this only is a hypothesis not? Since one sees that it is not a hypothesis.

The names of the favorites in the houses of bets also repeat themselves in OGAE: Sweden, Armenia, Hungary... they return to repeat like like eternal nominated.

Photo by Postimees

The weight that Tanja is supporting all this time with her similar dance to Loreen finally has been imposed and has separated her of the final. Incredible and unjust punishment... In agreement it is possible to compare but cannot this dance be complementary to Loreen?. Nobody has been understood either by this, or the juror or the public... and I return to say the same thing who can sing and dance simultaneously without losing the voice as Tanja?. 

Does not this deserve a prize? It looks like Loreen... and what? The repeated conjuration thousand times in the interviews finally has happened... There were more probabilities of being in the final (10 countries on 16) but the punishment has been too strong...

Tanja's light has shone in Europe but the end has been too sudden and violent... she has enjoyed the best festival of Europe's music but the final result to the realized effort is bitter and unjust... Don't worry Tanja, now Europe already knows you, you have many new fans. 

Thanks to you and following your career I could have known much better the festival within and that it did not know (red carpet, opening ceremony, press conferences, meet and greet...) and we have many new videos, hundreds of photographies, post and numerous interviews in english... for what more can I ask? Please, don't worry!.

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