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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Video of TANJA "Amazing" live at Eesti laul 2014

Already we can enjoy the video where Tanja dancing and sings the song "amazing" with the intention of will win the contest Eesti laul 2014 on March 1, and to be the representative of Estonia in Eurovision this year.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Tanja in the final of Eesti laul 2014

We are very satisfied because after a very intense semi-final and a high musical level, our artist has obtained votes of the juror and of the hearing that have allowed to Tanja to overcome the contest.

Photo where Tanja receives the good news of which next March 1 she will be in the final of the contest Eesti laul 2014

Photos of the first semifinal

Tanja mihhailova and Argo Liik at Eesti laul 2014 in ETV stage

three photos up by Martin Dremljuga/Publik.delfi


Five photos of the performance by Karli Saul

Monday, February 10, 2014

Tanja ready for first semi-final Eesti laul 2014

Tanja already is prepared for the first semi-final of next Friday (21:45 h, Estonian time). A few inopportune physical inconveniences (that force her to take strong analgesics) have arisen in the worst moments.
Nonetheless, Tanja with your force and habitual vitality, is having just prepared the difficult and innovative choreography that she has thought for the Eesti laul.
From here only we can wish for her the best luck... We wait and wish that Tanja, who qualifies by the great final. The eurofans of whole Europe will be concentrating for the first time on our favorite artist... she will inspire love once again in your Estonian fans and certainly, new fans for her will appear an in any Europe's part.
Good luck dear friend!, we will see you in Internet in the page of the ETV http://otse.err.ee/etv/

Kisses and hugs!.
Photos by ERR and Tiina Kortsini (Ohtuleht magazine)